Digital Timer Switch

A Digital Timer Switch is an ideal solution for automatically controlling your heated towel rail. No longer will you forget to turn it on, or leave the rail on all day because you can simply program the timer to turn your towel rail on before you get up and turn it off a few hours later when the wet towels have dried.

The modern touchscreen digitial display with it's blue backlight will look great on the wall of your bathroom, or if you prefer, wire it into a cupboard so it is out of the way.

The timer switch can operate in a 7 day or 5/2 mode both with two on and two off settings, so you can set it up to fit your particular routine.

All of our digital timer switches are for 230/240V input, and the maximum load is 16A.

The timer switches are available in a number of different models / options:

  • Touchscreen Digital Timer Switch - Vertical Orientation [TS8100-TIM-V]
  • Touchscreen Digital Timer Switch - Horizontal Orientation [TS8100-TIM-H]
  • Touchscreen Digital Timer Switch / Thermostat Combo Unit - Perfect if you are installing floor heating and a heated towel rail in the same bathroom - Vertical Orientation [TS8100-TH/TIM-DUAL]



Digitial Timer Switch for Towel Rails


Digitial Timer Switch for Towel Rails