Floor Heating Runnings Costs

How much does it cost to run is obviously one of the most common questions we get & the short answer is that it can vary quite a bit. The size & design of your home, the temperature you want to achieve & the choice of using off-peak or standard rate power will all affect the heating costs.

Whilst here in Australia, insulation levels may not be as good as many European countries where floor heating is one of the most popular forms of heating, this is usually compensated for by the fact that our external winter temperatures are in most cases, considerably higher. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint & keep heating & cooling costs to a minimum, consideration should always be given to a good solar passive design & the highest levels of insulation that are practical within your budget. Increasing ceiling insulation to R5 or R6 & even double glazing the windows will usually always pay for themselves over the long term. Many people are also now adding PV ‘solar power' to their home design, again to reduce power bills.

Our best advice on this subject if using under floor heating as your main winter heating system would be to carefully consider using off peak power where available as this can often result in savings of close to 50% compared with standard tariffs.

Heat Output

The typical heat output in an average installation is around 120-130 watts per square metre for the available free floor area in main living areas (family/dining/kitchen etc.) However in bathrooms we usually increase the output around 200w/sqm in bathrooms to ensure higher comfort levels & a faster response time.

Advanced Control

The advanced digital thermostat we use in our installations measures the temperature in regular 15 minute cycles & then delivers just the right amount of power during the next cycle in order to maintain a constant temperature. This ensures energy is not wasted & also avoids the 'peaks & troughs' associated with many other forms of heating.





European Quality
We have been using Danish manufactured heating cable for over 20 years in Australia and the UK because it is quality reliable cable.
Qualified Installers
Our installers are all qualified electricians who provide a quick and tidy installation service.
10 Year Warranty
We only use the best quality European made heating cable and as such we are able to warranty from failure for 10 years.
Network of Agents
We have agents in NSW, VIC, WA and SA who can carry out installations in metropolitan and some country areas.